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Get Back to Critical Path as Quickly As Possible

In today's market of tight budgets, marginal fields and demanding time constraints, every hour of non-productive time is expensive. AsiaPac Oil & Gas is the service provider our customers should call on to get their operations back onto critical path and moving ahead.

With a fleet of new equipment, the most experienced and technically proficient team available, and a dedication and commitment you won't find anywhere else, call us the next time your operation needs obstructions or debris removed from your well. We are on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and ready to respond.

AsiaPac's firstresponse Service


An AsiaPac Oil & Gas service for Drilling Contractors designed by Drilling Contractors.
Because a fishing package should be more than just a basket of tools.
Provide peace of mind to your customers by assuring your rig package comes equipped with a fully traceable, maintained and certified firstresponse fishing package from AsiaPac Oil & Gas, along with expertly designed BHAs to respond to various fishing scenarios, and immediate 24/7 technical support. Remove the need to carry additional assets, worry about traceability, reinspection or maintenance, or having old, generic and worn out equipment on standby,  firstresponse  fishing packages are deployed with your rig mobilisation, and can be changed as the project enters different phases of your operation in clearly labelled, easily identifiable and specially designed DNV 2.7 1 tool baskets.

There’s a lot more than just equipment in a  firstresponse  fishing basket though. With a fishing package comes complementary 24/7 remote technical support, expertly optimised BHAs specific to the required fishing operation, free recertification and reinspection at required intervals, and the added assurance that the standby fishing package on the rig is in good condition, fit for purpose, and will get the operation back to critical path as quickly as possible. AsiaPac Oil Gas’  firstresponse  service will strengthen your bids, reassure your customers, and maximise your revenue through minimizing NPT and keeping your operations moving ahead.
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Our Equipment

All of our equipment is manufactured to the highest standard, by audited and approved Original Equipment Manufacturers.

External Catch Tools

  • Series 10 Sucker Rod Overshots
  • Series 20 Sucker Rod Overshots
  • Hydraulic Release Overshots
  • Series 70 Short-Catch Overshots
  • Series 150 Releasing & Circulating Overshot
  • Series 160 Side Door Overshots
  • Rotary Die Collars (Box Taps)
  • Lead Impression Blocks
  • Full range of guides, wallhooks and mill shoes
  • Full range of grapples in both steel and superloy
  • Full range of extensions, packers and accessories

Junk Retrieval Tools

  • Core Type Junk Baskets
  • Poor-boy Type Junk Baskets
  • Venturi Type Junk Baskets
  • Reverse Circulation Junk Baskets
  • Full-flow Reverse Circulation Junk Baskets
  • Venturi-Jet Junk Baskets
  • Washover Pipe & Accessories
  • Fishing Magnets
  • String Magnets
  • Ditch Magnets

Cutting Tools

  • Mechanical External Cutter
  • Hydraulic External Cutter
  • T-Dog Overshots
  • Hydraulic Internal Multi-string Cutters
  • Internal Pressure Pipe Cutters
  • Abrasive Hydraulic Cutters

Cutting & Milling Accessories

  • String Stabilisers (Hardfaced or Soft Bladed)
  • Fixed Blade Non-Rotating Stabilisers
  • Variable Blade Non-Rotating Stabilisers
  • Welded Cup Junk Subs (Boot Baskets)
  • Marine Swivels
  • Wellhead Retrieval Systems

Casing Exit Systems

  • Single Trip Hydraulic Multi-String System – 2.5°
  • Single Trip Mechanical Multi-String System – 2.5°
  • Extended Rathole Window Milling Assembly
  • Whipstock Retrieval Equipment
  • 5,000psi Permanent Packer System

Internal Catch Tools

  • Full Circle Releasing Spears
  • Full Circle Spear Guides
  • Full Circle Spear Skirts
  • Full Circle Slip Range for Tubing, Pipe and Casing
  • Packer Retrieval Spears (Simplex and Slick Bore)
  • Standard ITCO Releasing Spears
  • Segmented ITCO Releasing Spear Grapples
  • Spear Stop Subs
  • Single-Trip Casing Recovery Spears
  • Full range of grapples in both steel and superloy
  • Full range of pack offs, extensions and accessories
  • Taper Taps

Milling Tools

  • Single String Section Mills
  • Dual String Section Mills
  • Flat-bottom Junk Mills
  • Concave / Convex Junk Mills
  • Econo-Mills
  • 2-Pod Cemented Tubing Mills
  • Bladed Junk Mills
  • Window and Gauge Mills
  • Skirted Mills
  • Dress-off Mills
  • Watermelon / String and Flex Mills
  • Packer Mills
  • Pilot Mills
  • Taper Mills
  • Hollow / Fluted Mills
  • Rotary Shoes
  • Various Tungsten Carbide Insert Designs

Wellbore Cleaning Tools

  • Casing Brushes
  • Casing Scrapers
  • Circulation Subs
  • BOP & Riser Cleaning Tools
  • Deburring Mills
  • Drift Subs
  • String Magnets

Impact Tools

  • Fishing Jars and Accelerators
  • Fishing Bumper Subs
  • Shock Subs
  • Surface Jars

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