Competency Assurance

Our Competency Assurance Program

AsiaPac Oil & Gas maintain a fully integrated Competency Management System that was designed to meet all the criteria of the International Association of Drilling Contractors' Competence Assurance Accreditation Program.

AsiaPac's Competency Assurance Program is a structured and documented process of identifying, defining, assessing, remediating, developing, and managing the continuous competence of our personnel. It includes the formal systems, tools, and processes which ensure that personnel are competent to complete tasks to ours and our clients' standard.

Because #WeWillBeCompetent

The benefits of AsiaPac Oil & Gas' CAP

The benefits of our Competency Assurance Program extend to the AsiaPac Employees, AsiaPac Oil & Gas's business, our clients and to the industry. Some of the benefits are:

  • Provides expectations so that employees know what is needed to be successful in their jobs
  • Increases workplace and environmental safety
  • Defines standards for minimum and best practices
  • Creates a skilled workforce based on defined standards
  • Identifies gaps in knowledge, skills, and abilities
  • Increases productivity

The Components of our CAP

The AsiaPac Oil & Gas Competency Management Program is comprised of four essential components:

  1. program development,
  2. assessment cycle,
  3. quality assurance and continuous improvement, and
  4. program management.
Other key components of our program are:
  • Stakeholder Commitment
  • Competence Framework
  • Assessment Methodologies
  • Gap Analysis & Actions
  • Confidentiality

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